What is Rent Party Detroit?

Rent Party Detroit is an organization that works to promote housing security by raising money through the arts and cultural events for an emergency fund to prevent eviction.

While paying homage to traditional rent parties of the past, Rent Part Detroit believes that anything can be a rent party by donating a portion of the proceeds to our Emergency Fund to Prevent Eviction.

What is a Rent Party?

Rent parties were popularized in the midst of the Great Migration by Black migrants living in Harlem. When a neighbor couldn’t make rent, they would throw a “rent party,” complete with music, dancing and a collection jar for the host. Neighbors would support each other to prevent eviction.

Why is this fund needed?

Despite being a beautiful and vibrant city, Detroit is rife with housing insecurity and poor living conditions. Tenants are routinely evicted from their homes. Eviction has lasting consequences and is both a symptom and driver of poverty. Housing insecurity is the result of past and present discriminatory actions and policy choices.

Rent Party Detroit was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, there was little to no funding for rental assistance in Michigan and no promises of a moratorium on evictions. Recognizing that we need vast policy changes, eviction is a community problem that also requires a community solution.

What has Rent Party Accomplished?

Rent Party Detroit works to raise money to keep people in their homes, to educate on the housing insecurity and the eviction crises in our area, and to promote community action to prevent eviction.

To date, we’ve raised over $20,000 to keep people in their homes.

The funds are based on individual donations, community events and RPD-sponsored events. We believe that everyone can have an impact. Consider joining us by volunteering or making your next event a rent party.

Rent Party Detroit

A Community Fund to Prevent Eviction

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