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What is a rent party?

Rent parties were popularized during the Great Migration by black migrants living in Harlem. Their housing options were limited, overpriced and unsafe. The substandard conditions led to extreme overcrowding and also created a tight-knit community. If a neighbor couldn’t make rent, they would throw a “rent party” complete with music, dancing and spirits, and a collection jar for the host. They helped each other stay in their homes, despite the external systemic forces working against them.

Why is this fund needed?

Despite being a beautiful and vibrant city, Detroit is rife with housing insecurity and poor living conditions. Tenants are routinely evicted in landlord-tenant court over relatively small amounts of money–sometimes just a few hundred dollars. There is little help for families in this situation and the cost of eviction is high and extends far beyond the monetary. Rent Party Detroit raises funds to help families stay in their homes or move to a different home if theirs is unsafe.

What is Rent Party Detroit?

In addition to hosting signature concerts where all the proceeds go to the fund, Rent Party Detroit encourages neighbors to help neighbors by making their events “rent parties.” Concerts, shows, art openings, dance parties and networking events donate a percentage of the door or the proceeds of their event to the Rent Party Fund.