About Us

Our mission is to promote housing security, to educate the public on housing inequities and to facilitate local community action to prevent homelessness.

Our equity vision is one of collective liberation, where individuals of all identities and backgrounds have access to safe and affordable housing. We believe that housing is a human right, regardless of race and ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, income, class, disability, health, immigration status, nationality, religious beliefs, language proficiency, or geographic location. We recognize that housing insecurity is deeply rooted in systemic racism and we cannot fix the problem without acknowledging this fundamental truth. We are humbled to exist in a space that has a rich history of community activism and commit to centering and amplifying BIPOC voices in this struggle. We seek to learn from, join efforts, and build relationships with partner organizations to fight against housing inequity.

In addition to educating about housing inequity and the eviction crisis, Rent Party Detroit raises money through social and cultural events for an emergency fund to prevent homelessness.

We are proud to be fiscally sponsored by Allied Media Projects . All donations are tax deductible. All proceeds go directly to help Detroit area families facing eviction and are administered through our partner United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC). UCHC provides direct support to families in need of housing through legal advocacy and housing placement services. UCHC has been helping low-income residents stay in their homes and strengthen their communities, through representation, support, and ownership since 1973. Through this partnership, you can be confident that your donation goes directly to help prevent eviction and homeless in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park.

Rent Party Detroit was founded by Linda Jordan, an advocate for people experiencing poverty, former legal aid attorney engaged in eviction and foreclosure prevention in Detroit, musician and writer. Her experience in landlord-tenant court and her connections to the music and art world, inspired her to create this fund. Recognizing that the current eviction system is incredibly unjust and there are very limited resources to help prevent homelessness, she hopes that this fund will increase housing security and educate people on the issues surrounding the rampant housing inequity that plagues our region.