2/14/21: Rituals and Potions for Self-Love

12/23/20: Holiday Concert and Fundraiser

11/22/20: Poetry Reading and Zine Release Party

Rent Party Detroit hosted a poetry reading and zine release fundraiser, featuring francine j. harris, Nandi Comer and Zoya Gurm. In addition, Rent Party Detroit founder, Linda Jordan, discussed the recently published Rent Party Detroit Zine and the need for the Fund with artist and designer, Lucy Cahill. Special thanks to RPD volunteer Matt Harmon for organizing this event.

9/27/20: Rent Party Featuring Libby DeCamp

8/23/20: Jazz Rent Party

7/6/20: Silk Motel x Rent Party, featuring Sara Marie Baron and Stef Chura

6/20/20: Trumbullplex Rent Party