Get involved!

There are many ways to get involved with Rent Party Detroit.

In addition to donating directly to the fund or attending a rent party, you can become a Rent Party Detroit organizer or collaborator.

Make your next virtual event a rent party.

We are all finding ways to connect despite coronavirus. Consider asking for donations for Rent Party during your next livestream event. Rent Party Detroit will add your event to our calendar and help you promote it.

Host a rent party for a family member, a neighbor or yourself.

Rent parties have a rich history and are based around a very basic concept–helping your neighbors. If you know someone in need, take the initiative to help. We can be as involved as you want us to be.

Make your event a rent party.

A rent party can be anything! It could be a show, a dance party, a poetry reading, an art opening or a dance party. Consider donating a portion of the proceeds to RPD.

Become involved as a business owner.

Consider donating a portion of sales from a special event or dedicating the proceeds of a certain product to Rent Party Detroit.

Examples from past events:

Trumbullplex Rent Party

The Trumbullplex Rent Party was a virtual event where performers and DJs, including Detroit Panic, Girl Fight, Auntie Channel and DJ Applejuice took over the Trumbullplex Instagram account. The event raised $555 for the RPD Fund.

Rosemarine Textiles “Bandana Seconds” Sale

Rosemarine Textiles is a sustainable textile studio based in Detroit that makes goods and accessories using plant-based dyes. They sold bandanas made out of fabric with uneven dye and donated the proceeds to the RPD fund. The event raised $1075.

Reach out!

Have an idea for a rent party or partnership? We are open to it!
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